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Welcome to Castle Heights Gundogs

The Premier UK Gun Dog Breeder in the Northeast

'Steady as a rock, but ready to roll' 

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I have been training and breeding labradors for 20 years. Not only are we avid hunters, but we also run our dogs in the North American Hunting Retriever Association ( to try and bring the best dog possible to the field. Our dogs are a part of the family and we have brought many of them to the master hunter level.  Our puppies have had great success across the country in both the hunting fields and hunt testing.  We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you find your next best friend!

Dave Combs

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Puppies, Stud Service, Training Opportunities



We are a small operation and concentrate on a small number of litters per year.  Breedings sell out fast so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in one of our future matings.


Stud Service

CHG studs are available for breeding to outside parties.  Health clearances are required.  Natural, frozen or fresh chilled can be arranged.

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Training Opportunities  

We concentrate on field training for hunting situations, but we can also help with basic obedience and specific problems.  Please contact us for details.

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CHG Crew

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GMHR MHR WR TTF CAS HI Shady Character


Oakley is the offspring of our foundation stud Tucker.  He has proven himself time and time again as a magnificent upland and waterfowl retriever.  Calm and reserved as a pet, breathes fire when hunting!  Couldn't ask for a better combination of an all around retriever!


OFA Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

CERF - Pass

Clear for PRA, EIC, SD2 and CNM


SR Townshead Sally


Lacey is coming up through the ranks.  This Irish import from FTCH Artistryn Ulrich (2018 IGL 2nd Place) currently has a started title, but is joining the ranks of the big dogs in training! A pleasant and sweet demeanor turns to all business when its time to go to work.  A never quit attitude and a super sense of smell keeps this girl pushing harder everyday. 


OFA Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Clear for EIC, CNM, SD2 and PRA


CHG Abbotstone Sunrise


A recent addition to the CHG crew, Sky comes to us via Louisiana.  Her sire, Intl. FTCh Lesser Burdock Abbotstone MH is the highest titled UK dog in the states. Her dam also comes from an absolute amazing pedigree with many FTCh's.  We are very exciting about the future of this little girl.   


OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal


CERF - Pass

Clear for PRA, CNM, SD2 and EIC 

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CHG Crew

kim ERC.jpg

SR Mourneview May


Kim came to us from Ireland, having been well started by Mr. Thomas Hughes.  We took the great start that she had and turned it into a started title just weeks after arriving here in the U.S.  A very stylish girl who loves to please, she's also a great mother and will be taking CHG into the future with her babies.


BVA Hips 4/4

BVA Elbows 0

BVA Eyes Unaffected

Clear for CNM, PRA, EIC and SD2


GMHR TTF CasHI Never Tucker Out



Tucker left us in 2016, but we still have semen left in storage. One of the hardest driving and talented dogs I have ever had the pleasure of training and running, Tuck was truly a gentleman's gun dog.  With 1000's of birds to his credit, he managed to achieve his GMHR title at 4 years old and was my best hunting partner for many years. He is truly missed everyday, but he left us with the legacy of his fine pups that carry on those same traits.  


OFA Hips Excellent

OFA Elbows Normal


Clear for CNM, EIC and PRA


SR Apache Bob of Sugar Creek


This boy comes from the best the UK has to offer, FTCh Tullyah Jasper x Apollobay Birdbrook Connie.  Even at this lad's young age he has great promise with a calm demeanor, but a 'go-get em' attitude when training.  Super affectionate and intelligent as well. He is maturing into a fine retriever and a proven stud!  


OFA Hips Good​

OFA Elbows Normal


Clear for CNM, EIC, PRA and SD2

Carries yellow

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CHG Artistryn Rua 

This little stud muffin is the 'keeper' pup from the Tucker x Lacy litter.  He is a retrieving machine and is as mischievous as he is cute.  We are hoping he fills the shoes of his sire someday, and so far his potential looks limitless. 


Clear for CNM, EIC, PRA and SD2

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CCK Fendawood Neon Blethen


This young lass has a knockout pedigree and loves to get after it.  She's calm in the house and fire to the bird.  CC loves kids, other dogs and people in general, so she's a pleasure to have around.  We're super excited for her to be here. 


OFA Hips Good

OFA Elbows Normal

Clear for EIC, CNM, PRA, OSD, DLocus

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CHG Morayglen Piper


Some new bloodlines to the CHG lineup.  Miss Piper is as inquisitive as she is cute!  A typical lab pup, she's always into trouble and always looking for more.  Keep your eyes on this little red fireball.  


Clear for EIC, CNM, PRA and SD2

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Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 8_edited.jpg

Livi of Oaks

"Sadie" (Owned by Mr. Eric Madia)

Miss Sadie come from the Tibea Gundog line. While she is a new edition to the lineup here at CHG, she is sure to have an impact.  She is a wonderful companion to her young family, and an absolute lightning bolt in the field. She isn't sure who her future boyfriend will be, but we're all looking forward to it with much anticipation.

OFA Hips - Good 

OFA Elbows - Normal

Eyes - Pass

Clear for EIC, CNM, PRA and SD2

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FTW Apollobay Crimson King

"Diego" (Owned by Mr. Alan Dolan)

This big guy is as talented as he is affectionate.  Coming from Ireland in 2019, he has proven himself as both a viable stud and great companion in the house and field.  Diego spent several months with us in 2019, and sired a really amazing litter with now retired Jessie.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for him, and what he will bring to the CHG program as an outside stud.  


BVA Hip 7/5

BVA Elbows 0

BVA Eyes Unaffected

Clear for CNM, EIC, PRA and SD2

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Breeding Plans

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 12.00.18 PM.png

GMHR Oakley x CC

Two amazing dogs with incredible personalities, superb working ability and great health.  Breeding likely to occur in early spring.  Yellows and blacks expected. We are looking forward to seeing pups from Miss CC!! 

Summer 2022

Sold Out

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 1.38.57 PM.png

SR Baker x SR Sky

Two amazing pedigree's and personalities paired for desire and performance.  Both have proven themselves in the field and are ready for action, picking up birds or being your best friend. Both affectionate and great with kids, other dogs and meeting the public.  Dark yellows and blacks expected. 

Spring 2023
Reservations available

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 2.11.05 PM.png

SR Baker x Sadie

Always bet on black! What should be an all black litter from 2 up and comers, will likely knock your socks off.  Amazing noses, great health and a get up and go get em' attitude that doesn't quit.  

Winter 2022-23


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